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Engineering competence with many years of experience and tailor-made solutions make HOERBIGER your reliable partner in compression technology. Safety technology  - Your safety is our top priority Over more than 50 years HOERBIGER has been very successfully operating in the area of safety technology. Keeping in line with our vision to standards we continuously seek to create products that excel in meeting international norms and technical demands. Our safety products explosion relief valves and check valves provide secure and efficient protection against the effects of gas, oil mist and dust explosions and flow reversal respectively. This is due to the use of low-mass valve plates which respond within milliseconds.

Wherever oil mist or gas mixtures are generated, or where pulverized media is handled and stored, dangerous explosions with serious consequences can occur at any time. HOERBIGER relief valves provide reliable protection of man and equipment against the effects of oil mist, gas or dust explosions.

In the event of an oil mist, dust or gas ignition the HOERBIGER explosion relief valve opens quickly. This reduces explosion overpressure to a safe level without any flame transmission to the surrounding area. After the explosion pressure subsides, the valve reseals, thus preventing the inrush of air, which reduces the risk of subsequent explosions and fire. This allows for an uninterrupted operation after an explosion.

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