German-French day


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Veranstaltungsort: Nancy. France

For the first time, one special German-French day will be devoted to Chemical & Process Engineering, in partnership with DECHEMA.

We are pleased to welcome you to the next meeting of the “Société Française de Génie des Procédés” (French Chemical and Process Engineering Society, SFGP), which will be held in Nancy, France, on July 11-13th 2017.
SFGP 2017 Congress will be a privileged opportunity for engineers and scientists, from university and industry to share their experience in advanced aspects in chemical and process engineering in view to prospects in the area. The event will be for us the opportunity to make you discover Nancy, its history-rich old town and the well-known Place Stanislas.

Main Topics

The topics selected are targeted to showing the leading role of chemical engineering for the regular citizen, as follows:

​ Topic 1: Chemical engineering for energy transition
  • Thermochemical conversion (fossil fuel, biomass, waste...)
  • Thermodynamics (equilibrium, exergy...)Storage and networks (carrier gas: H2, CH4)
  • Energy efficiency in industrial processes
  • Electric power generation and management
  • Latest progresses on methodological concepts
​ Topic 2: Product engineering, from molecule to end-use properties
  • Synthesis and functionalization of products/materials
  • Formulation, mixing and production processes
  • Shaping processes (extrusion, injection molding, additive manufacturing, pharmaceutical processes...)
  • Characterization and end-use properties
  • Ecodesign and recycling
  • Latest progresses on methodological concepts
​ Topic 3: Chemical engineering and environmental issues of the 21st century
  • Gas treatment (industrial waste gas, indoor air, dedusting)
  • Water treatment and management (industrial and urban wastewater, drinking water, surface and ground water, micropollutants, recycling and reuse)
  • Treatment of contaminated soil (soil treatment processes, brownfield land regeneration, phytomining/agromining)
  • Treatment and recycling of solid waste and sludge
  • Environmental assessment processes (LCA, green processes, zero waste)
  • Natural resource management of and recovery of secondary resources
  • Sustainability
  • Latest progresses on methodological concepts
​ Topic 4: Chemical engineering for innovation in bioprocessing
  • Acquisition and processing of analytical data to understand complex biological matrices
  • New biocatalysts
  • Understanding, modeling and optimization of bioreactors
  • Understanding, modeling and optimization of bio-separation processes
  • Technological breakthroughs in bioprocessing
  • Innovation in Food Processing
  • Latest progresses on methodological concepts
 Topic 5: Focus on specific transversal topics 
  • Biorefinery
  • CO2 capture and storage
  • Training and education
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Electrochemical processes and fuel cells
  • Process safety, risk management
  • Factory of the Future
  • Processes for cellular and tissue engineering
  • Innovation and innovative design in chemical engineering
  • Intensification
  • Catalytic processes

​The German-French day will be organised on July 12th 2017. The special plenary lecture will be given by a German colleague. Integrated in the program of the sessions, keynotes, oral or poster contributions will be presented in English.